Portrait Gallery

  • Theodore F. Jenkins (1849-1940)
    Theodore F. Jenkins (1849-1940)
  • Madeleine A. H. Jenkins (1882-1965)
    Madeleine A. H. Jenkins (1882-1965)
  • Charles Chauncey, Jr. (1777-1849)
    Charles Chauncey, Jr. (1777-1849)
  • Frederick Carroll Brewster (1825-1898)
    Frederick Carroll Brewster (1825-1898)
  • George Wharton Pepper (1867-1961)
    George Wharton Pepper (1867-1961)
  • Horace Binney (1780-1875)
    Horace Binney (1780-1875)
  • John Bouvier (1787-1851)
    John Bouvier (1787-1851)
  • John Bannister Gibson (1780-1853)
    John Bannister Gibson (1780-1853)
  • John Marshall (1755-1835)
    John Marshall (1755-1835)
  • John Sergeant (1779-1852)
    John Sergeant (1779-1852)
  • William Lewis (1751-1819)
    William Lewis (1751-1819)

A stunning collection of portraits and statuary lines the hallways of Jenkins Law Library. These treasures depict early leaders of the Philadelphia bench and bar, as well as more recent members of the local legal community, including Judge John Marshall Gest, whose superb collection of Roman and Canon Law enhances the library’s Rare Book Collection.

Paintings of Theodore and Madeleine Jenkins, through whose philanthropy the Jenkins Law Library was created, make up the core of Jenkins’ portrait collection.

Particularly noteworthy, from a historical and artistic perspective, are older portraits by famous artists such as Thomas Sully, Rembrandt Peale, Jacob Eicholtz and John Neagle.