Regina L. Smith, Executive Director

Ida Weingram, Assistant Director for Business Services
Member Services
Anne Torriero, Supervisor
Kellianne Elker, Circulation/Membership Assistant

June Janda, Manager

Nancy Garner, Assistant Director for Knowledge Services
Research Services
Jenny Hohenstein, Manager
Thomas Baer, Reference Librarian
Michelle Buhalo, Reference Librarian
Kristen Matteucci, Reference Librarian
Mark Kronzer, Reference Assistant
Matt Thomas, Reference Assistant

Education Services
Dan Giancaterino, Manager

Carey Sias, Assistant Director of Technology Services
Technical Support
Ken Snyder, Network Manager
Eugene Krant, PC Support Assistant

Malgorzata Pawska, Digital Content Manager

Library Systems/Cataloging
Katrina Piechnik, Library Systems Manager
Elaine Ladson, Cataloging Assistant
Linda Quick, Cataloging and Content Assistant
Celeste Tillery, Serials Assistant
Barbara Posluszny, Technical Services Assistant
Alice McCreary, Filer