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Celebrate World Book and Copyright Day on April 23! UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization, has dedicated April 23 to books and copyright since 1995. This day is devoted to the power of books and the dissemination of knowledge.

LegalTrac has indexed and organized by subject over 1.7 million articles located in over 1400 legal periodicals. A team of editors reviews each article and assigns it various subject classifications based on Library of Congress subject headings, people, companies and organizations, places, products, and more. This allows users to browse and search LegalTrac efficiently by topic. Subject classifications are wide-ranging and include copyright, real estate, securities, torts, and trusts.

Some copyright related subjects on LegalTrac include "copyright law", "fair use", "orphan works", and "public domain". LegalTrac also breaks subjects into subdivisions. For example, the subject "copyright law" has over 40 subdivisions, including cases, comparative analysis, evaluation, history, interpretation and construction, practice, remedies, and usage.

To browse by subject in LegalTrac, use your last name and member number to log into Jenkins' website. From the Member Center, select LegalTrac. From the gold menu bar in LegalTrac, select Subject Guide Search. Type the topic you would like to search for, make sure to un-check the "documents with full text" and "peer-reviewed publications" selections, and click the search icon.

From the results list, clicking on a subject classification will bring back all articles indexed with that subject. Clicking on the green plus sign under the subject classification will open the subject subdivisions. LegalTrac also offers "Related Subjects" where it lists other subject classifications related to the one being viewed.

For more search help, use the "Help" feature, located under "Tools" in the top right menu bar.

LegalTrac is a membership resource available to all members.

Find out more about World Book and Copyright Day and how you can celebrate at

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