Pa Sentencing & Pa Juvenile Delinquency Resource Guides Available Now!

Jenkins recently published two new resource guides: Sentencing in Pennsylvania and Pennsylvania Juvenile Delinquency.

First published in 1982, the Pennsylvania Sentencing Guidelines act to "promote fairer and more uniform sentencing throughout the Commonwealth". Our new resource guide, Sentencing in Pennsylvania, includes access information for the Sentencing Guidelines as well as treatises and practice materials available to Jenkins' members regarding sentencing.

To work with delinquent children, the courts have created juvenile courts that deal exclusively with juvenile matters. These courts have their own court rules and procedures. The Pennsylvania Juvenile Delinquency guide is designed for those practicing in juvenile court and includes references to forms and secondary resources that focus on juvenile delinquency matters.

Find these and all our resource guides at

For help navigating the resources highlighted in these guides, Jenkins' members can contact the Reference Librarians at 215.574.1505, email us at, or chat with us.

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