Citepad, a Soft Keyboard for Attorneys

This week I got a chance to evaluate Citepad, a soft keyboard that allows you to insert common legal abbreviations into your Word (and WordPerfect and Google Docs and more) documents. A video ensued.

Channelling my inner Yogi Berra -- "I really didn’t say everything I said" -- here are some comments and clarifications:

  • The 7 common abbreviations between the LegalBoard and Citepad I mentioned are see, e.g., id., π, Δ, § and ¶. I failed to mention that there are also 2 common formatting options: footnote and small caps.
  • If you have aging eyes (like me) you might wish that the text on the Citepad buttons was just a wee bit bigger.

Bottom line: Nice product, definitely worth a look.

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