Preparing for Retirement with Nolo


Are you or your clients planning for retirement? Nolo can help. The Nolo database contains hundreds of full text publications and thousands of legal forms written in plain-English. Their Social Security & Retirement collection, found in the Money & Financial Planning category, includes various titles to help you plan for retirement.

Retire Happy attempts to answer the questions will retirement "really happen to you? And how will you prepare for this sea change?" (p. 1). Chapters include "Invest in Your Health", "Convert Debt Into Retirement Savings", "Growing and Protecting Retirement Assets", and "Working After Retirement".

IRAs, 401(k)s & Other Retirement Plans is a great resource for those who want to explore the differences between various retirement plan options. It offers an overview of different retirement plans and provides information on early distributions, required distributions, and distributions to your beneficiary. The appendices include select IRS forms, notices, and schedules as well as life expectancy tables.

For tax planning in retirement, take a look at Nolo's Essential Retirement Tax Guide. This resource covers a variety of tax related topics, from your home and business, to your health and education, and even your family and charitable contributions.

Want to retire early? Your Complete Guide to Early Retirement: A Step-by-Step Plan for Making It Happen lays out a basic plan to help make that happen. Chapters include "Life Changes in Retirement and Before", "Get Your Plan Together", "The Right Investment Strategy for You", and "Your Estate Plan".

Other titles in the Social Security & Retirement collection include Long-Term Care, Nolo's Guide to Social Security Disability, and Social Security, Medicare & Government Pensions. Nolo is a member database available for all Jenkins' members.

Need help navigating Nolo? Want help finding more resources on retirement and how to plan? Contact our Reference Librarians at 215-574-1505 or for help finding additional resources.

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