Estate Planning with NOLO


Are you preparing an estate plan? Nolo has resources to help. The Nolo database contains hundreds of full text publications and thousands of legal forms written in plain English for the everyday user. Nolo’s Estate Planning collection, located in the Wills & Estate Planning category, includes several titles to help with the estate planning process. 

Estate Planning Basics provides a broad overview of the nuts and bolts of estate planning and clearly explains what you’ll need to consider while planning your estate. The book explains how wills work and why you need one, the benefits of using a living trust, how you can provide care and protection for your children, what probate is and why you want to avoid it, and much more. Chapters include "A First Look at Estate Planning", "Your Beneficiaries", "Children", and "Planning for Incapacity: Medical Care and Finances." 

Get It Together is an estate plan guidebook for those looking for a practical step-by-step guide through the process. The book is split into two parts: the "planner" and the "guide". The planner contains forms and checklists to help you organize your estate plan. The guide is an as-needed instruction manual with directions for completing the planner. 

Plan Your Estate is a comprehensive guide that covers many important aspects of estate planning. It contains information on everything from wills and living trusts to tax-saving strategies and health care directives. It also includes a chapter with sample estate plans to help you get started. 

Saving the Family Cottage is a book that aims to help users create an estate plan that considers the family vacation home. It provides useful tips for ensuring that the family vacation home stays protected for future generations. Chapters include "Plan for the Best: Cottage Succession Goals", "Choose the Right Legal Entity for Your Cottage", and "When and How to Organize the Cottage LLC." 

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