Going the Extra Mile for Our Members


Jenkins Law Library had the opportunity to go the extra mile for one of our members recently.  We were asked to acquire the 2016 edition of Practical Handbook on the Operation of The Hague Convention from the HCCH in The Hague, Netherlands.  After investigating the procedure to acquire the title, we realized that the transaction would require a bank transfer and that shipment could take a long time. Coincidently, at about this same time I was in a facetime session with my niece who is employed by the International Commission for Missing Persons in The Hague.  My problem concerning the book came up during the conversation and my niece immediately offered to personally bike to the HCCH during her lunch break to pick up the book and bring it with her on an upcoming trip back to the States.  So, within a matter of days instead of weeks we were able to provide our member with the title they requested.

Although Jenkins doesn’t have family connections everywhere in the world, we do go out of our way to retrieve the materials our library members need.  Don’t forget to contact us when you need help tracking down an elusive research source.

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