Jenkins Yard Sale! [UPDATED]

  • Classroom tables and chairs
    Classroom tables and chairs
  • comfy chairs
    Comfy chairs
  • tables, chairs and carrels
    Tables, chairs and carrels
  • tables, chairs and bookcases
    Tables, chairs and bookcases
  • card catalogs
    Card catalogs
  • miscellaneous furniture
    Miscellaneous furniture

We've got some leftover furniture that we'd like to find new homes for. So we're having a yard sale! Come to our old location, 833 Chestnut St., Suite 1220 on Thursday, December 6 or Tuesday, December 11, from 10:00 am - 3:00 pm. We'll have the excess items clearly marked with our prices.

Fine print: No other sale dates. First come, first served. No phone/email reservations. You arrange for transport or delivery. Cash, check or credit cards accepted. Tax is included in sale price.

UPDATE: Some of the stuff has gone already. (Don't ask.) And we've added some new items! Hit the link to see the updated list.

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