New Editions Available Now: Bisel's PA Trust Guide & PA Fiduciary Guide

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New editions of Bisel's Pennsylvania Trust Guide and Pennsylvania Fiduciary Guide are now available at Jenkins.

Pennsylvania Trust Guide, now on its 4th edition, was written as "a practical guide for those in the profession who practice trust law, fund trusts, or advise trustees" (v). Written by Julieanne E. Steinbacher, a Certified Elder Law Attorney (CELA) through the National Elder Law Foundation, and Samantha K. Wolfe, an attorney specializing in federal gift and estate tax planning, trust and estate planning, asset protection planning, and business succession planning, this text focuses on the different types of trusts and practical considerations when establishing a trust. Topics include funding a trust, transferring real estate to or from a trust, serving as trustee, and taxation of trusts.

The 8th edition of Bisel's Pennsylvania Fiduciary Guide follows the concept and format developed by M. Paul Smith, the originator of the Fiduciary Guide and the founding editor of the Fiduciary Review. Current authors Richard L. Grossman and James L. Hollinger continue Smith's vision for the Fiduciary Guide as a handbook with references to additional sources for further research. Chapters include "The Grant of Letters of Administration", "Probate of Wills", "Debts and Claims Against the Estate", "Pennsylvania Inheritance, Estate and Income Taxes", and more.

Jenkins members can borrow these texts for 2 weeks. Eligible members can also have the book delivered to their office for no additional charge with our free book pulling and delivery service.

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