New ABA Title: How to Train Your Expert


Jenkins recently acquired How to Train Your Expert: Making Your Client’s Case by Janet S. Kole. Geared towards young lawyers, this book is a short, practical guide on how to ethically “train” expert witnesses to be clear and helpful during litigation.

In the opening chapter, Kole addresses the question, “do you need an expert?”. Later chapters go on to explain how to find an expert, ensure that they help your client’s case, prepare them for a deposition and trial, balance the tension between a client's privilege and discovery, and more. Most chapters also include supplementary readings, with relevant excerpts from other sources printed at the end of the chapter.

If you find this book to be useful, check out other titles by Kole, which are published by the ABA’s Section of Litigation. Jenkins has most of these titles in our collection, including A Brief Guide to Brief Writing: Demystifying the Memorandum of Law, Chasing Paper: The Keys to Learning About and Loving Discovery, and Pleading Your Case: Complaints and Responses.

For more on expert witnesses, see Jenkins' research guide on that topic or search our catalog

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