A Guide to the Jenkins' Catalog Locations

Each resource in the Jenkins' Catalog is assigned a specific location noting where the item can be found. If you are unfamilar with the new library space or our catalog, this quick guide will help you find the location of most of our library resources. 

General Collection- Located on the North side of the building, the General Collection contains federal materials, general legal treatises, Restatements and Principles of the Law, and other legal titles that are not state specific. For help finding the call number ranges for a specific subject area, see the library staff at the Reference Desk. 

Pennsylvania- Pennsylvania materials can be found behind the reference area on the South side of the building. This collection includes the loaning copies of the current Purdon's Pennsylvania Statutes, Pennsylvania state and local court rules, encyclopedias like the Pennsylvania Law Encyclopedia and Summary of Pennsylvania Jurisprudence, treatises from publishers like Bisel and PBI Press, and PBI course materials.

PA Annex- Housed in the shorter shelves at the beginning of the Pennsylvania location, PA Annex materials are the no loan copies of popular Pennsylvania materials, like Dunlap-Hanna Pennsylvania Forms, Goodrich Amram Procedural Rules Service, and the West's Pennsylvania Practice Series.

State- State materials for states other than Pennsylvania are located directly behind the reference desk, adjacent to the Pennsylvania section. Jenkins collects the statutes and court rules for each state and Puerto Rico. Additional secondary materials for select states, like Delaware, New Jersey, and New York, are also found here.

Periodicals- Jenkins’ collection of periodicals are located on the far end of the North side of the building. Periodicals such as The Legal Intelligencer, The New Jersey Law Journal, and The American Lawyer are available.

Historic- The Historic Collection contains older materials that Jenkins retains for archival purposes. These include superseded treatises as well as older PBI course materials. This collection is located in the basement of the building. Library staff will pull materials from Historic by request. Historic materials do not loan and must be used within the library.

Rare Book- The Rare Book Room is our climate controlled room for rare and historic Philadelphia and Pennsylvania materials. The most popular items in the Rare Book Room are older Purdon's Pennsylvania Statutes, older Pennsylvania and Philadelphia court rules, older versions of the Philadelphia Code, and the serial pages to trace back older version of the Pennsylvania Code. Like the Historic Collection, materials from Rare Book can be pulled by request. These materials do not loan and must be used within the library.

Reference- The Reference location refers to the dictionary stand in front of the computer terminals, which houses materials like the BOCA / ICC Codes, current dictionaries like Black's Law Dictionary and The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, and style manuals like The Bluebook and the Chicago Manual of Style.

Reference Desk- The Reference Desk collection refers to the small bookcase located at the Reference Desk. Materials found here include directories, like the Philadelphia Legal Directory and the Commonwealth Telephone Directory, and law firm billing surveys, like the 2017 NLJ Billing Report and the 2019 Survey of Law Firm Economics.

Microforms- The microform cabinets are housed in the basement along with the historic materials. Librarians can pull microform by request for use on our machine in the library. Microform materials include superseded ABA publications, select historic state statutes, and pre-2006 Pennsylvania appellate level court records and briefs.

Ebook- Ebook titles are those that Jenkins members can access remotely from the LexisNexis Digital Library. Popular titles include the Pennsylvania Law Encyclopedia, Bender's Forms of Discovery, and the New Jersey Transaction Guide.

Internet- Online resources from both onsite only databases and member databases are cataloged as Internet. These include materials from the remote access databases HeinOnline, Law Journal Press, Treatises on Fastcase, and West Academic Digital Library. Titles from onsite only databases Bloomberg Law, Cheetah, LexisNexis, and Westlaw are also included in this category.

Need additional help finding something in our collection? Ask us!

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