Searchable Online Books in Law Journal Press


Law Journal Press* (LJP) has over 150 fully searchable online books which are available to most Jenkins' members remotely. The titles in LJP are categorized into more than 25 practice areas, from Administrative to White Collar Crime, alphabetically. When titles belong to more than one category, it will be noted under the “Practice Area” column for each title.

To access books by topic, check that the “My Bookshelf” tab is selected to ensure you’re viewing titles that are included in Jenkins’ subscription. Then look for the "Practice Area" drop down box and select an area from the list. 

Selecting Litigation from the drop down menu, for example, results in over 30 books related to this topic, including varied titles such as Appellate Practice in Federal and State Courts, Environmental Enforcement: Civil and Criminal, Healthcare Fraud: Enforcement and Compliance, and New Jersey Estate & Trust Litigation 2020. To see all of these titles, use the numbers at the top right corner of the “bookshelf” to navigate to each page of results (or select “All” from the “Show” drop down box).

LJP also has several titles on Intellectual Property that cover copyright, patent law, cyberlaw, cable and broadband, information security, and more. This area also includes The Intellectual Property Law Dictionary, which provides both definitions and citations to original source documents from which the definitions came. Most of the dictionary’s six parts - Copyright, Patents, Trademarks, Trade Dress, Nanotechnology Law, and Trade Secrets - are further divided into two sections that address U.S. Domestic Terms and International Terms respectively.

Business Entities is another practice area with an ample selection of books with subtopics that range from outsourcing, partnerships, and reinsurance law to franchising, antitrust, and negotiating and drafting contracts.

Take a few minutes to survey some of the other categories - like Criminal, Insurance, Real Estate, or Taxation, for example - to see what other helpful treatises you may find. 

Need Help? Due to the current pandemic, our reference staff is working remotely with reduced hours. We remain ready to help with your research requests. You can reach us by emailing or by leaving a voicemail at 215-574-1505. We will be monitoring these Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.


*A 24/7 member benefit for sole practitioners and attorneys in firms with less than 50 attorneys.


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