Environmental Law Resources for Earth Day

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Earth Day is celebrated this week, on Thursday, April 22nd. The international network EARTHDAY.ORG is planning three days of climate action around the 2021 theme, Restore Our Earth. In honor of this day of awareness and action, Jenkins is highlighting some of its environmental law materials.

Print Titles

Some of our most recent print titles include Environmental Litigation: Law and Strategy (2019) from the American Bar Association and Environmental Regulation in Practice 2020: Permitting, Litigating, and Deal Negotiations, which is part of an annual series from the Practicing Law Institute.

Jenkins also has the five volume set, Environmental Law, by distinguished authors and environmental law authorities William H. Rodgers, Jr. and Elizabeth Burleson. This comprehensive set covers statutes, court decisions, and regulations governing many facets of environmental law, and is updated regularly by pocket parts.

For an examination of major ethical issues and how specific Rules of Professional Conduct relate to this area of law, see the ABA’s Ethics and Environmental Practice: A Lawyer’s Guide.

If you’re specifically interested in environmental law in Pennsylvania, check out Environmental Law Forum 2020 as well as the prior years in the series, going back to 2000.

Curbside pickup is available for borrowing these print titles.

Remote Resources

As for remote resources, the West Academic Digital Library includes titles such as Environmental Law in a Nutshell, Climate Change and Sustainable Development Law in a Nutshell, and Principles of Environmental Law as well as several other books on legal topics such as energy, natural resources, land use, and agriculture. 

Law Journal Press has access to Environmental Enforcement: Civil and Criminal and Environmental Regulation of Real Property

To brush up on doing legal research in this area, take a look at Environmental Law: A Legal Research Guide (2018) by law librarians Christopher C. Dykes and Daniel G. Donahue, in HeinOnline. This guide assists researchers by “familiarizing them with the primary and secondary sources at the state and federal level, the state and federal agencies involved, as well as information on how to conduct research online using both subscription databases and free internet sites” (p. 2).

Finally, ProQuest Congressional is a great resource for exploring U.S. Congressional hearings, current bills, legislative histories, Congressional Research Service reports, and more. For example, searching for “green new deal” or “environmental justice” within the database’s Congressional Publications will turn up hundreds of results related to these current topics.

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