Drafting Wills in Pennsylvania

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Drafting a will can be a daunting task, but many Pennsylvania legal resources have sample forms to help you plan for after you are gone.

Jenkins members have access to some materials remotely. PA Legal Forms, for example, includes a variety of forms relating to wills, including "Complex Will with Credit Shelter Marital Trust for Large Estates", "Last Will and Testament for Widow or Widower with Minor Children", and "Mutual Wills Package of Last Wills and Testaments for Man and Woman living together not Married with Adult Children". And the Pennsylvania Law Encyclopedia, available on the LexisNexis Digital Library as well as in print and on the library's in house Lexis computers, has information about wills in volumes 52 - 53.

Forms can be found in a number of resources in the library, including Dunlap-Hanna Pennsylvania Forms (available in print and on the library's Lexis computers), Pennsylvania Transaction Guide (available in print and on the library's Lexis computers), West's Pennsylvania Forms (available in print and on the library's Westlaw computers), in the Bisel publication Law of Wills in Pennsylvania, and in the PBI Press title Estate Planning in Pennsylvania.

For a list of these and other resources, check out the Drafting Wills page of our Pennsylvania Wills, Trusts, and Estates research guide.

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