"An insanely good resource!"

  • "An insanely good resource!"

That's how one of our members recently described our research service, after we helped track down an 80-year-old document that isn't available online.

Ever wonder what other type of research requests our librarians have assisted with? Requests can range from something as simple as pulling a document from an electronic database to extensive research. Here is a sampling of the types of requests we have filled:

  • Helped locate older, hard to find Pennsylvania court regulations that helped clear up confusion on the issue being researched.
  • Performed Pennsylvania legislative histories related to the election code and various Constitutional amendments from the 1800’s to the 2000’s.
  • Located and copied briefs and other documents involving such topics as contested elections and redistricting.
  • Helped do research related to the law of statutory construction.
  • Assisted with several research projects involving cyber security policies.
  • Located a 1991 letter about school budgets from the Pennsylvania Secretary of the Department of Education in our Court Records & Briefs database.
  • Found older Pennsylvania sentencing guidelines.
  • Provided a copy of an older version of a Pennsylvania statute to a Canadian Agency.
  • Obtained an obscure article from a German institution.
  • Located a historical version of a court rule.
  • Found news articles, dockets, and government reports regarding a high-profile public figure.
  • Provided copies of multiple Pennsylvania records & briefs to a member of the public doing research for a documentary film.
  • Helped find a Wage-Hour Administrative document from 1949 that was cited in a 1955 U.S. Supreme Court case.
  • Located a historic CFR section for the Board of Veterans Appeals who was helping a veteran.
  • Assisted a historian writing a book about Quakers during the time of the American Revolution to locate and obtain an image of a pamphlet law from 1777.

Contact our reference librarians to discuss your research needs.

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