vLex: Jurisdictions & Languages Across the Globe

Jenkins recently introduced vLex to the collection of remote databases available to all our members. In addition to the hundreds of thousands of British cases we highlighted in an earlier blog post, vLex coverage includes legal materials from over 100 countries. vLex also has a feature which can translate search terms into certain languages from around the world.

To select, change, or simply view the many countries for which vLex has content, click the jurisdictions dropdown menu from the main search bar,

or click “Select more jurisdictions” from the Advanced search page.

A pop-up window will appear with jurisdictions from around the globe, from Hong Kong to Peru, Ghana to Costa Rica, Azerbaijan to New Zealand, and many more. Featured countries may be grouped by various regions around the world including Asia, Central America & Caribbean, Europe, Oceania, and South America.

Additional countries are listed in alphabetical order.

When using the Advanced Search function, vLex can translate search terms into certain languages from around the world. Simply click the toggle button labeled “Translate search terms” and select from the list of languages pictured below. Doing so will show results with your search words translated into that language.

For example, after selecting Brazil as the jurisdiction, choosing "Português (Brasil)" as the language, and searching for the term climate within five words of the term change, vLex returned over 900 results that have the term mudança within five words of the term climática. 

Results can be further narrowed using the filters on the left-hand side. There are also options to "Stop translating" or to "Edit translation". The former option reverts the search back to English, and the latter allows users to change or add other languages without having to go back to the Advanced Search page.

Stay tuned for additional blog posts highlighting other vLex features.

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