PA Courts' Infographic: Pennsylvania Court Interpreters – Removing Language Barriers


The Pennsylvania Courts recently released a new infographic highlighting the courts’ efforts to remove language barriers through the use of interpreters. In 2021, the courts facilitated over 36,000 interpreter requests. The majority of the requests were for Spanish interpreters, but the court provided access to interpreters for many other languages as well, including Nepali, American Sign Language, and Hatian Creole. The courts’ statewide roster included interpreters covering 38 different languages. Check out the infographic for a list of the top 10 languages requested and the top 10 counties for language access and interpreter expenses. 

If you are in need of court language assistance or would like to learn more about the Language Access & Interpreter Program, see the PA Courts’ website. If you are in Philadelphia, you can find information about the First Judicial District’s interpreter service on

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