Interlibrary Loan

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Looking for items that are not available in Jenkins collection? Our Interlibrary Loan Department may be able to help. We can obtain items from U.S. institutions and have been successful with institutions outside the U.S.

We'll conduct searches to find organizations that will either lend or copy from print materials. We've had the most success in obtaining journal articles that are not widely available on databases or publisher websites. These may be older issues that are not available electronically or publications that have not been widely circulated.

If you need a specific edition of a book, we will search, request and oversee the receiving and returning of the item.

When time is of the essence, we will reach out to potential lenders via phone or e-mail to find the quickest way to get what you need.

If you need an item from another institution that will only lend to an official ILL department, Jenkins can help. We'll submit the request on your behalf and make certain you receive it. Recently, one of our members unsuccessfully attempted to obtain an item from an organization outside of the U.S. Jenkins stepped in and contacted the lending institution. The item arrived in a timely fashion.

We charge a minimal fee for this service plus the cost from the lending institution. Reach out to Matthew at 215-574-7933 or for all your ILL needs.

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