International Docket and Caselaw Resources


Need to find a specific international case but not sure where to start? Jenkins has access to multiple databases with international caselaw materials. Take a look below for more information on coverage, jurisdiction, and other content available.


    • Includes extensive caselaw coverage including North America, South America, Central America & the Caribbean, Europe, Oceania, Asia, Middle East and Africa. 
    • Comprehensive docket collections for the UK, Ireland, and Mexico. 
    • Canadian caselaw coverage: Federal Courts, Appellate Courts of the Provinces and Territories, Superior Courts of the Provinces and Territories, Provincial and Territorial Inferior Courts. 

    VLex also has a translation feature for 13 different languages!


    World Trials Library - 1700 through 2020. A collection of world trial transcripts and other critical court documents, as well as trial-related resources that analyze and debate the decisions of famous trials.

    Canada Supreme Court Reports - 1923 through 2020 with select coverage beginning in 1876.

    The English Reports - Judgments of the higher English Courts between 1220 and 1866. 

    Bloomberg Law (on-site access only)

    • United Kingdom (UK) Dockets, Hearings, Corporate Insolvency Dockets.
    • Hong Kong Dockets, Hearings, Filings. 
    • European Union (EU) Court Filings.
    • Grand Court of Cayman Islands Dockets.  

    Westlaw** (Librarian access only)

    Some international caselaw includes:


    •  High Court (Coverage from 1903) & Federal Court (Coverage from 1984)


    Includes Federal Cases from several courts and jurisdictions (Coverage from 1825), Board and Tribunal Decisions (selective coverage from 1906), Supreme Court of Canada (Coverage from 1876) and Privy Council Cases (Coverage from 1830).

    Federal Courts Include:

    • Federal Court of Canada (Coverage from 1959)
    • Federal Court of Appeal (Coverage from 1971)
    • Canada Court Martial (Coverage from 1977)
    • Court Martial Appeal Court of Canada (Coverage from 1952)
    • Exchequer Court (Coverage from 1876)
    • Tax Court of Canada (Coverage from 1983)
    • Supreme Court of Canada (Coverage from 1876) and Privy Council Cases (Coverage from 1830)

    European Union

    • Court of Justice (begins with 1954)
    • Court of First Instance [General Court] (begins with 1989)
    • Civil Service Tribunal (begins with 2006)
    • EFTA Court (begins with 1994)

    Hong Kong

    • Includes coverage from various courts and tribunals -- including the Court of Final Appeal, the Court of Appeal of the High Court, the Court of First Instance of the High Court, the Privy Council, the Court of Appeal, and the High Court, amongst others (coverage beginning in 1905). 


    • Includes cases from Supreme Court, Appellate Court, Constitutional Court, and Patent Court. (Coverage begins with 2000).

    United Kingdom

    • Courts and Tribunal Dockets (Coverage varying by court)
    • Criminal Appeal Reports, English Reports, United Kingdom Case Law Transcripts (Coverage mainly beginning in 1865 with sparse coverage as far back as 1220). 

    *Remotely accessible database for select Jenkins members.

    **Librarian access only -- please place a request with our reference team to retrieve. 

    Have any questions? Ask us!


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