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HeinOnline recently added over 500 Congressional Hearings and over 100 Committee Prints to its U.S. Congressional Documents Collection.
Use LLMC Digital, HeinOnline, and more to find published county decisions.
Find out how to access the newly published Restatement of Employment Law from ALI.
The American Law Institute has changed its system of numbering series of Restatements.
Find current pocket parts to ALI's Restatements and Principles of the Law on HeinOnline.
Use HeinOnline to find federal court rules, past and present, in the United States Code.
The law surrounding the fashion industry is an emerging legal field. See what Jenkins has to offer.
Find select compiled federal legislative histories, from 1816 to present, on HeinOnline.
Check out the new ABA Collection available in HeinOnline.
Find select Congressional Hearings, from 1889 to present, on HeinOnline.