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Celebrate the start of the new term of the U.S. Supreme Court with opinions and more on HeinOnline.
Browse and search intellectual property legal classic titles in HeinOnline.
Celebrate World Population Day by searching the Statistical Abstract of the United States on HeinOnline.
Covers the most efficient ways to find published legislative histories in HeinOnline, plus how to find other materials (books, law journal articles, etc.) relevant to legislative histories. HeinOnline is a 24/7 benefit for Jenkins Law Library members.
Find the Manual of Patent Examination Procedure on HeinOnline.
Find Pennsylvania Session Laws going back to 1700 on HeinOnline.
HeinOnline’s new library, Spinelli's Law Library Reference Shelf, was compiled by Dick Spinelli, a legend in legal information. It has something for practicing attorneys, legal researchers, legal historians, law school professors, and law librarians.
Spinelli’s Law Library Reference Shelf is now available via HeinOnline (remote access available to most Jenkins members). This resource is a huge collection of materials that has been compiled by Dick Spinelli, semi-retired Vice President of Hein.
Sorting (or reordering) the results page often gives you a different slice of hits to view. Learn your sorting options for databases such as Fastcase, HeinOnline and NewsBank.