Other Memberships

Corporate Legal Departments

Organizations with legal departments often are members of Jenkins and use the library and our website for their legal research needs.

Government Agencies

Many government agencies rely on Jenkins as a resource for legal and law-related subjects in gathering background for their programs and initiatives. Many use the facility and the Jenkins website for research on environmental law, federal and state labor laws, workers' compensation, etc.

Public Agencies/Non-Profit Organizations.

Jenkins offers the same services to public agencies/non-profit organization attorneys as our medium-sized firms, but at a reduced rate of membership. A letter of verification is required at sign-up.

County Law Libraries

County law libraries benefit from a Jenkins membership for access to databases to which they are not able to subscribe.

Retired Attorneys

For retired attorneys, Jenkins provides a membership for a low yearly rate. In order to qualify, the attorney must be listed as "Retired" on the PA Disciplinary Board website.