Restatements Resource Guide Available Now!

Restatements of the Law and Principles of the Law, both published by the American Law Institute, are respected treatises frequently consulted and cited by attorneys. For information on the Restatements and the Principles of the Law, as well as Jenkins' print and electronic access to these titles, see our new Restatements and Principles of the Law Resource Guide.

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The American Law Institute has recently announced their approval of a new Principles of the Law -- Principles of the Law, Government Ethics. These principles comprise the first project from the ALI on the topic of government ethics, with the project beginning back in 2009. The Principles aim to "...
Jenkins has recently published a new subject guide -- Restatement of the Law of American Indians . This guide provides details on accessing the restatement, finding annotations, finding drafts, information about ALI, the Restatements Series, and their drafting process. The American Law Institute's...
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