New Subject Guide: Restatement of the Law of American Indians


Jenkins has recently published a new subject guide -- Restatement of the Law of American Indians. This guide provides details on accessing the restatement, finding annotations, finding drafts, information about ALI, the Restatements Series, and their drafting process.

The American Law Institute's mission is "to promote the clarification and simplification of the law" -- to clarify notable legal subjects in what is known as the Restatements of the Law. The Restatement of the Law of American Indians uses American Indian law and Federal Indian law (the fields of law involving the relationships between federal, state, and tribal governments as well as laws specific to individual tribes) in order to clarify legal rules associated with American Indians, Indian tribes, and their relationships with the United States and its respective states.

The official text (published 2022), contains six chapters: Federal-- Tribal Relations, Tribal Authority, State-- Tribal Relations, Tribal Economic Development, Indian Country Criminal Jurisdiction, and Natural Resources. It also includes an index, case citations, and additional supplements.     

Jenkins has access to the Restatement of the Law, the Law of American Indians in print, on the library's Westlaw computers, and on the member database HeinOnline (available to most members). For a full list of current Restatement projects, see

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