Jenkins On Your Desktop: Sample Wills on PA Legal Forms


PA Legal Forms is a database that provides a variety of sample letters and forms specific to Pennsylvania. It includes a variety of basic forms for wills, including For People with Children, For People without Children, Mutual Wills for Married Couple, and For Divorced People with Children.

To access sample wills on PA Legal Forms, use your last name and member number to log into Jenkins' website. From the Member Center, select PA Legal Forms.

To browse sample wills, select Wills from the "Browse by Main Categories", located in the center of the Legal Forms Library homepage.

To search for a specific type of will or document, use the search box on the left side of the screen. PA Legal Forms defaults to a category search. It may be beneficial to do both a category and a title search.

For visual instructions on using and searching PA Legal Forms, view our YouTube videos Using PA Legal Forms and Searching PA Legal Forms by Title and Category.

Forms available on this database include forms drafted by attorneys for a particular legal matter, as well as forms from public records and participating companies and attorneys. PA Legal Forms do not include references to statutes, regulations, or court rules.

PA Legal Forms is a membership resource available to all Jenkins members.

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