Pennsylvania's New Power of Attorney Law

On January 1st, 2015, Pennsylvania’s new law governing powers of attorney went fully into effect. Act 95 of 2014 is a major overhaul to the POA law, and accordingly we’ve been getting requests here at Jenkins for resources covering the changes and what’s expected of attorneys who need to draft POAs in Pennsylvania.

Last year PBI published a great resource called Act 95: The New POA Law based on one of their CLE classes of the same name.

For a look at the full table of contents and the availability of the book at Jenkins, check out the catalog record. As always, members can visit Jenkins to read the book or, when it’s available, have our document delivery department pull the book from the shelf and send it to you at your office or home.

Among other things this book has a drafting checklist and a Chart of Effective Dates and Applicability put together by Jennifer L. Rawson, Esq, and chapters by Daniel Evans, Esq and Bridget M. Whitley, Esq. entitled “Powers of Attorney after Act 95” and “The Problems Not Solved By Act 95...and New Problems It Created” respectively.

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