Jenkins On Your Desktop: New Videos Available for General OneFile, LegalTrac, and ProQuest Congressional

New video tutorials are available with tips for searching three of our member databases: General OneFile, LegalTrac, and ProQuest Congressional. These YouTube videos were created by Dan Giancaterino, Education Services Manager at Jenkins Law Library. Find these and other videos in the “See Also” boxes beside the coverage notes for each of our Member Databases.

The new Gale interface was spotlighted in our previous blog post, Jenkins On Your Desktop: New Interface for General OneFile and LegalTrac. Updated General OneFile and LegalTrac videos provide user tips and general information. Videos may be found in the “See Also” boxes at the links above. To find out what publications are included in each database, first sign in to with your last name and member number, open General OneFile or LegalTrac, then click Publication Search >> List All Publications from the home screen. Although both databases offer a selection of full-text articles, please keep in mind that additional materials may be available elsewhere in Jenkins’ collection. 

General OneFile is a one-stop source for finding news and periodical articles on a wide range of topics. Some coverage highlights include the full collection of National Public Radio programs from 1990 to the present, including searchable transcripts, and the full-text of the New York Times from 1985 to the present. Using General OneFile, Part 1: Publication Search walks users through how to search and browse publications and articles. Using General OneFile, Part 2: Keyword Search offers tips for Basic and Advanced search options, shows how to focus results using filters, and provides some advice on downloading and emailing articles in PDF, HTML or MP3 formats. Articles downloaded in MP3 format will be read aloud in a computerized voice; a separate link to “Play audio” may provide original versions of NPR programs and other podcasts through other websites when available.

LegalTrac indexes law review articles, Bar Association journals, legal newspapers, and more. Using LegalTrac, Part 1: Publication Search shows how to search full-text articles in academic journals and briefly compares similar coverage of one journal in both LegalTrac and HeinOnline. Using LegalTrac, Part 2: Keyword Search offers tips for full-text searching and opening documents in HTML and PDF formats, emailing attachments, and downloading articles as MP3 files.

ProQuest Congressional has index and full-text access to U.S. Congressional publications. Check Jenkins’ ProQuest Congressional Access chart to find detailed coverage information for different document types according to our subscription. The tips in our Using ProQuest Congressional, Part 1: Searching the CFR video can be applied to searching either the Code of Federal Regulations (1981 - present) and Federal Register (1980 - present). Extended coverage of both of these publications may be found in HeinOnline. Watch Using ProQuest Congressional, Part 2: Searching for Docs for a tutorial about locating other documents using the Advanced Search and focus features. 

Check our Federal Legislative History Research Guide for comprehensive information about locating various types of U.S. Congressional documents. Members interested in learning more about ProQuest Congressional are encouraged to sign up for our Jenkins Law Library: On Your Desktop CLE. This class also covers other Member Databases such as HeinOnline, Law Journal Press Online Books, Loislaw Treatise Library, and Nolo.

For more information about the collections in each of these databases, see our coverage notes for General OneFile and LegalTrac, and check out the “Detailed Proquest Coverage Table” for ProQuest Congressional. If you have any questions, call the research department at 215.574.1505, email us at, or chat with us.

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