E-Discovery Training with ACEDS

Do you want more training in e-discovery? Check out the materials and webinars put out by the Association of E-Discovery Specialists (ACEDS).

ACEDS describes themselves as "the member organization for professionals in the private and public sectors who work in the field of e-discovery." Their mission is "to help professionals in various disciplines improve and certify their e-discovery knowledge and skill, advance their careers, increase their contacts, and increase overall competence in e-discovery and related fields." ACEDS offers networking opportunities, like their members-only forum, a career center, and the Certified E-Discovery Specialist (CEDS) Certification.

Their education resources include whitepapers and articles, webinars, and the E-Discovery Essentials Online Training. This 12 hour, interactive, online training class is made up of 17 modules and review quizzes and will earn the registrant CLE credits for certain states, including Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Recently, ACEDS launched a Philadelphia Chapter, which was highlighted in The Legal Intelligencer.

Check out the ACEDS website for more information about how this organization can help you with your e-discovery needs.

Looking more e-discovery resources? Check out our E-Discovery and Electronic Evidence guide for resources available to Jenkins' members.

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