What is Available for Free through the Court Records & Briefs Database?


At Jenkins we have a large collection of Pennsylvania briefs and records going all the way back to the 1800s.  After 2006, most of the material has been digitized, and much of it is accessible for free to Jenkins' members through our Court Records & Briefs database

In the database, material that is in electronic format (2006 - current) will appear in your results list with a little thumbprint image of the document.

In order to view an item, it must be indexed as a brief. Both the documents in the above example can be viewed on your desktop because they are labelled as Appellant Brief and Appellee Brief.  If the label includes the terms Record, Appendix or the more generic Document, it will not be accessible on your desktop even if the item is digitized.

For more information on obtaining those digitized items not available on your desktop, please contact the Reference Desk at 215.574.1505.

Most older items (pre-2006) have not been digitized, although index entries will appear in the database.  The material exists in our collection on microfiche and must either be viewed at the library or ordered through Jenkins.  Ask a Librarian for further assistance (see also pricing for photocopies).

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