Section 1983 Litigation Titles on Treatises on Fastcase


The Treatises on Fastcase* database provides access to over 130 treatises spanning a variety of topics. Included in this collection are 6 titles focused on Section 1983 Litigation: Handbook of Section 1983 Litigation, Section 1983 Litigation: Claims and Defenses, Section 1983 Litigation: Federal Evidence, Section 1983 Litigation: Forms, Section 1983 Litigation: Jury Selections, and Section 1983 Litigation: Statutory Attorney's Fees.

For a brief introduction to the Treatises on Fastcase database, see our Using Treatises on Fastcase video.

*This database was formerly called Loislaw Libraries on Fastcase. As of April 2017, the Fastcase platform offers an option for users to toggle between Fastcase 6 and the new Fastcase 7 interfaces. If using the Fastcase 6 interface, select "Search Loislaw Libraries" from the browse menu on the left side of the screen. If using the Fastcase 7 interface, navigate to Outline View >> Treatises >> Wolters Kluwer, and select a subject area to see the full list of titles. For more information on Fastcase 7, see our blog post Fastcase 7 Has Arrived.

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