Discovery Practice, 8th Edition


Are you looking to expand your knowledge of discovery procedures? Discovery Practice, 8th ed. by Roger S. Haydock and David F. Herr is available to Jenkins members through Treatises on Fastcase. This title covers all aspects of the discovery process including trial preparation, experts, discovery strategies, drafting and responding to interrogatories, sample discovery forms, and more.

To view the this title within Treatises on Fastcase, select Search Loislaw Libraries from the menu on the left.

You may either search this specific title or browse within it. To browse, select Outline View, then select the + symbol next to Discovery Practice. Discovery Practice is in the General Litigation Library.

If you would prefer to search, make sure you are in the Search tab.

Select Clear All at the bottom of the screen to remove all check boxes.  Then select the + symbol next to the General Litigation Library and check the box next to Discovery Practice.

Now type your search in the search box, and you will be searching just this title.

Need to find additional material on this topic?  Search our catalog or ask us!

Note: This blog was written for Treatises on Fastcase's traditional platform (Legacy), but Discovery Practice is also available on Treatises on Fastcase's new interface, Fastcase 7, which has great filtering options. Interested in Fastcase's new platform, Fastcase 7? Check out our blog Fastcase 7 Has Arrived or our video Fastcase Legacy vs. Fastcase 7.

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