New HeinOnline Database: U.S. Presidential Impeachment Library


HeinOnline has announced the addition of a new database, The U.S. Presidential Impeachment Library. The database includes documents related to the impeachment of the four affected presidents, and also provides a general overview of impeachment with resources from the Congressional Research Service, scholarly articles, external links, and a bibliography for further research.

The database also includes the Whistleblower Complaint on Ukraine by Kelly Smith at UC San Diego. This compilation pulls together numerous documents related to the whistleblower complaint and the impeachment inquiry of President Trump.

The U.S. Presidential Impeachment Library can be found from the alphabetical list on the HeinOnline homepage, or from within the U.S. Presidential Library.

Users can search the entire U.S. Presidential Impeachment Library, or browse by resource type or President.

HeinOnline is a membership database available to most Jenkins members. Have any questions? Ask us!

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