eBooks on LexisNexis Digital Library: General, Federal, PA, & NJ


LexisNexis Digital Library* (LNDL) is a great resource for accessing eBooks, especially while Jenkins’ physical location is closed. This repository of eBooks, powered by OverDrive, offers Jenkins members access to over 260 titles, including treatises, forms, and other materials that cover various areas of law. In addition to eBooks that are general or federal in nature, our LNDL subscription includes several resources specific to Pennslyania and  New Jersey. 

Here are a number of highlights:

General and/or Federal:

A popular title on LexisNexis Digital Library is Bender’s Federal Practice Forms, which is a 20-volume set that offers a comprehensive collection of civil and criminal forms for practice within the U.S. District and Circuit courts, each based on the relevant set of rules of court. Bender’s Forms of Discovery, a 35-volume set, combines an extensive analysis of discovery law with a vast array of discovery forms, including sample interrogatories for cases in over 200 categories. 

The esteemed 16-volume set, Corbin on Contracts, provides an in-depth discussion of the rules, exceptions, and variations of contract law, while the authoritative New Appleman on Insurance Law dives into both the basics and the nuances of insurance law in 14 volumes.  

Gilson on Trademarks, Milgrim on Licensing, Murphy’s Will Clauses, and Personal Injury: Actions, Defenses, Damages are other key treatises available in the LexisNexis Digital Library.


The Pennsylvania Law Encyclopedia is a solid foundation for starting your research, as it gives concise summaries on the basic elements of PA law within a broad range of subjects. It also points to landmark cases, statutes, and other important authorities for further exploration. 

If you’re looking for one-volume guides or handbooks on practice and procedure, the LexisNexis Practice Guide series offers options such as Pennsylvania Civil Trial Practice, Pennsylvania Civil Discovery, and Pennsylvania Criminal Law. For eBooks that focus on slightly more narrow topics in practice and procedure, check out Pennsylvania eDiscovery for emerging eDiscovery issues or Ohlbaum on the Pennsylvania Rules of Evidence for the text, commentary, and case notes for this set of court rules.  

Popular titles from American Lawyer Media (ALM) that focus on a specific area or topic of law include Pennsylvania Causes of Action, Pennsylvania Commercial Litigation, Insurance Bad Faith in Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania Products Liability, and Pennsylvania Tax Handbook, among others. 

New Jersey:

One excellent resource for general practice in our sister state is the New Jersey Transaction Guide. This 15-volume set includes forms, step-by-step procedural guidance, research references, checklists, and more. It is designed for civil, non-litigation practice, and is divided into the following five units: Business Entities, Commercial Transactions, Real Estate Transactions, Personal Transactions, and Estate Planning. 

As with PA, the LexisNexis Practice Guide series provides helpful one-volume guides for litigation in New Jersey, including eBooks like New Jersey Pretrial Practice, New Jersey Pleadings, New Jersey Civil Discovery, and New Jersey Criminal Procedure.   

A few of the subject-specific ALM titles include New Jersey Family Law, Employment Litigation in New Jersey, and New Jersey Real Estate Forms

Using LexisNexis Digital Library:

These are just some of the eBooks available to you, and we encourage you to explore. Users can borrow up to 5 electronic volumes at any time for a period of 7 days, and/or place a hold on a title that’s currently checked out to someone else. The best way to read these eBooks is in your browser -- no downloads, software, or apps required! For more information on how LNDL works, see our previous post, Jenkins on Your Desktop: eBooks on LexisNexis Digital Library.

Need help? Email us at, which we are monitoring from 10am - 4pm, Mon - Fri during the temporary pandemic closure. 


* A 24/7 member benefit for all members except law and paralegal students.

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