New HeinOnline Executive Privilege Database


HeinOnline recently added a new database to its large collection of legal content. The new Executive Privilege database is designed to help researchers study the implied power of executive privilege. It contains primary and secondary materials relating to executive privilege, including hundreds of congressional hearings, reports, memoranda, related scholarly articles, and other documents from all three government branches. 

The database features unique browsing options to help researchers locate materials. Users can browse by Title, Author, Branch, Administration, Privilege, and even Controversy

To find documents related to a specific controversy, begin by selecting Executive Privilege in the Browse Databases by Name section of the HeinOnline homepage

Choose Documents from the drop-down menu.

From the Executive Privilege Index, choose Controversy in the browse by options.

Select from the list of over 40 controversies - such as 2020 Census, Burr Conspiracy, FISA Abuse, and Watergate -  to see the related documents.

To learn more about the new Executive Privilege database, see HeinOnline’s LibGuide.

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