Self-Help Research Guide - Pandemic Information

Are you a member of the public who’s trying to figure out how to handle a certain legal issue or where to get legal information, advice, or representation during the pandemic? We’ve updated a number of pages in our Self-Help Research Guide with resources from Philadelphia legal aid organizations, the Philadelphia Bar Association, and the Philadelphia Courts to help point you in the right direction as we continue to navigate COVID-19.

For example, if you’re looking for information about a simple, no-fault divorce during the pandemic, check out the Divorce page of this guide. Near the top of the page, you’ll see a brochure from the Philadelphia Bar Association called Divorce in Philadelphia County During COVID-19 as well as links to the Philadelphia Courts’ website for updates on court operations and protocols during the pandemic. This page also includes links to divorce forms and proceedings from the Unified Judicial System of Pennsylvania.

You can find similar pandemic-related information at the top of the other pages in the Self-Help guide, including Custody & Support, Domestic Violence & Protection From Abuse, Elder Law, and Landlord-Tenant issues.

The Self-Help guide also lists many organizations that offer Free or Low-Cost Legal Assistance on a variety of issues. Or, you can use the Find a Lawyer page to look for an attorney to hire.

If you’d like to do your own research at the library, we are open by appointment. Give us a call at 215-574-1505 to talk to a librarian and/or set up an appointment.

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