Philadelphia Family Court: Domestic Relations Docket Search

The Philadelphia Family court has implemented a public access portal to domestic relations dockets. This public acces currently includes Custody and Divorce Docket Reports.

The Family Court Domestic Relations Docket Search can be accessed on the Philadelphia Court's website.

From the court's homepage, navigate to Information > Case Information > Family Court Division Dockets.  

From the docket search portal, the user is free to search for the docket by the litigant's name and/or case ID number.

The docket reports will display limited information on domestic relation cases ranging from the party names, future scheduled events, and docket entries.

Detailed Custory, Divorce, and Domestic Violence Docket access is also available by creating a user account on the FJD Electronic Filing System (EFS). Detailed information about creating an account can be found here

*Note: The information displayed on the docket report is not reproduced in real time and will lag behind the official docket. The domestic relations docket database does not currently include Protection from Abuse matters. Names of minors are not available. Additionally, users may experience issues if they are using Internet Explorer. Chrome browser is preferred.  

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