New Database: HeinOnline's Nominative Reports


The new Nominative Reports databases available through HeinOnline provide comprehensive coverage of rare nominative reports from the UK, Ireland, and the US.

Accessible with select Jenkins' memberships, these databases compile the rare reports to provide access conveniently in all one place -- with the option to either run a search or to browse the reports by title, author, date, or subject. The nominative reports are separated into three databases: American Nominative Reports, English Nominative Reports, and Irish Nominative Reports.

To access the databases, log in to your Jenkins account, navigate to HeinOnline on our databases list, and from HeinOnline's homepage under 'Browse Databases by Name', you will see the three databases listed.  

Nominative Reports "are the reports that documented the decisions of the court until the establishment of a formalized method of court reporting", making them specifically useful to historical legal research. To learn more about Nominative Reports, see HeinOnline's New Databases: Nominative Reports (English, Irish, and American) blog!

Additional details on content coverage for each database are listed below:

American Nominative Reports:

This collection collects nominative reports (law reports) of the U.S. Supreme Court before official reporters were appointed to the Court. The federal government assumed publication of the U.S. Reports in 1874.

English Nominative Reports:

This collection aims to bring together every edition of the nominate (or nominative) reports for England published before 1865. After 1865, the Incorporated Council of Law Reporting started to publish the Law Reports.

Irish Nominative Reports:

This collection collects nominative reports (judicial reports) for Ireland before 1866 when the Irish Council for Law Reporting began publishing the Irish Reports. Select Irish Reports are also available.


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