6/25 2015

Jenkins’ Research Tip: Finding Bios of Pennsylvania Legislators

Find official biographical information about members of the Pennsylvania General Assembly.
6/23 2015

Bye Bye Westlaw Classic!

On August 31st, Westlaw Classic will be permanently retired in favor of the new(ish), updated and streamlined interface of WestlawNext.
6/17 2015

Enjoy Jenkins' Leisure Reading Collection This Summer

Relax this summer with a title from our Leisure Reading Collection.
6/10 2015

Happy 800th Birthday to the Magna Carta!

This month marks the 800th anniversary of the sealing of the Magna Carta. Find out about the history and celebrations!
6/4 2015

Jenkins on Your Desktop: New Jersey Newspapers on NewsBank

Ever need to find a newspaper article from a New Jersey paper? Try NewsBank on Jenkins' Member Center.
5/27 2015

Flash Mob Law at Jenkins

Find out the legal consequences surrounding flash mobs and people who plan (and participate in) them.
5/21 2015

Research Tip: Search the Philadelphia Code Online

See how to stay safe and lawful during summertime fun by searching the Philadelphia Code online.
5/19 2015

Jenkins On Your Desktop: New Interface for General OneFile & LegalTrac

You may have noticed that General OneFile and LegalTrac look a little different lately. Read on to learn about the new Gale interface.
5/14 2015

Jenkins on Your Desktop: Limited Liability Companies

Find material on limited liability companies on Jenkins' Member Center databases!
5/13 2015

TLI Lifetime Achievement Award Winners

Congratulations to our nine members on the list!
5/12 2015

Happy 15th Birthday HeinOnline!

Join us in wishing HeinOnline a happy 15th birthday.
5/11 2015

PBJ's 40 Under 40 Award Winners

Three of our members are on the list.
5/7 2015

Jenkins' Historical Collection: John Bouvier

Find John Bouvier's portrait and dictionaries at Jenkins.
4/30 2015

Jenkins' Research Tip: Finding Pennsylvania Ethics Opinions Online

Find out how to locate Pennsylvania Ethics Opinions Online.
4/28 2015

A Brief History of May 1: Labor, Loyalty, and the Law

Find out more about the history of May Day and Law Day in the United States.
4/23 2015

Jenkins' Research Tip: Pennsylvania Statute Citations Explained.

Do you know the difference between P.S., Pa.C.S. and Pa.C.S.A.?
4/16 2015

Find Fashion Law Books at Jenkins

The law surrounding the fashion industry is an emerging legal field. See what Jenkins has to offer.
4/10 2015

Jenkins on Your Desktop: Bromberg and Ribstein on Partnership

Bromberg and Ribstein on Partnership through Jenkins' Member Center!
4/2 2015

Sports Law Titles at Jenkins

Sports law is an expanding field, and Jenkins' collection reflects this trend.
3/26 2015

Jenkins On Your Desktop: Computer and Technology Law Material

Find computer and technology law material through Loislaw, Law Journal Press Online and PA Legal Forms!
3/24 2015

Black's Law Dictionary, 10th Edition: Now on WestlawNext

Find Black's Law Dictionary on the library WestlawNext computers.
3/19 2015

Jenkins' Historical Collection: George Wharton Pepper

Find George Wharton Pepper's portrait and more at Jenkins.
3/17 2015

The Law of Photography

Photography has been a serious art form, hobby and means of personal and social documentation for nearly two centuries. It’s no wonder that a vast (and sometimes novel and strange) body of law has arisen with respect to photography.
3/12 2015

NOAA's Local Climatological Data Available for Free Online.

NOAA has made many of their reports available for free on their website with coverage varying by type of report.
3/10 2015

Dictionaries Resource Guide Available Now!

Use our new resource guide to see what dictionaries, thesauri, and more are available at Jenkins.