10/20 2016

Federal Court Management Statistics

Find facts and figures on the workload of the Federal Courts
10/13 2016

Find Newsweek, USA Today, and Other National News Sources on NewsBank

Use NewsBank to search national newspapers and magazines, including Newsweek, The Saturday Evening Post, and USA Today.
10/6 2016

Jenkins on Your Desktop - Congressional Research Service Reports on ProQuest Congressional

Nonpartisan Congressional Research Service (CRS) reports are great starting points for research on a wide variety of public policy topics, past and present. Reports often provide pro and con positions, overviews, statistics and analysis.
9/29 2016

Bender's Forms of Discovery

Looking for sample interrogatories? Check out Bender's Forms of Discovery on the LexisNexis Digital Library.
9/22 2016

The Pennsylvania Constitution turns 240!

It's the 240th anniversary of the original Pennsylvania Constitution.
9/15 2016

Jenkins on Your Desktop: Wrongful Use of Civil Proceedings and Related Torts in Pennsylvania

New Pennsylvania treatise on the Dragonetti Act from Law Journal Press
9/13 2016

New to HeinOnline: University of North Carolina Press Law-Related Titles

HeinOnline now has over 100 law-related titles from University of North Carolina Press.
9/8 2016

LegalTrac on Your Desktop!

Use LegalTrac to find law reviews, newsletters, bar association journals and more!
9/1 2016

Searching Delaware County’s Public Access System

Searching Delaware County’s Public Access System (PAS) is, relatively speaking in the world of online searching, straightforward and simple.
8/30 2016

Taxation & Economic Reform in America Parts I & II now available on HeinOnline!

HeinOnline's tax collections, including the federal legislative histories, were recently added to our subscription. Check them out now.
8/25 2016

International Building Codes

Find International Building Codes at Jenkins.
8/18 2016

CCH Pennsylvania Employment Law - A Loislaw Library on Fastcase

Loislaw Libraries on Fastcase provide access to over 130 legal practice books. Find cases, summaries, statutes and regulations on Pennsylvania Employment Law.
8/16 2016

New Pennsylvania Orphans' Court Rules

The new Pa Orphans' Court Rules go into effect on Thursday, September 1.
8/9 2016

The Future Is Already Here And The Law Is Figuring Out How To Catch Up With It

HeinOnline now contains up-to-date analysis of emerging legal issues from the ABA Center for Professional Development's National Institutes.
8/4 2016

Finding Pennsylvania County Class Distinctions

Pennsylvania counties are categorized by "class", a classification determined by population size. The CCAP provides a list of the nine classes and the counties that fall into them.
7/28 2016

Superseded State Statutes

Find Hein's Superseded State Statutes on microfiche at Jenkins.
7/27 2016

New Book by a Jenkins Member!

Jenkins member Larry Atkins has just published a new book: Skewed, A Critical Thinker's Guide to Media Bias
7/21 2016

Keep up-to-date with the election using NewsBank's Special Reports

The NewsBank U.S. Presidential Campaign - 2016 report provides up-to-date coverage on the presidential campaign from news sources across the country.
7/14 2016

Pennsylvania Evidence 2016 Courtroom Manual on the LexisNexis Digital Library

Check out the Pennsylvania Evidence 2016 Courtroom Manual on the LexisNexis Digital Library for a thorough reference providing authoritative guidance in interpreting the Rules of Evidence, and tips for applying each rule in practice.
7/7 2016

Calculating and Proving Damages on Law Journal Press Online Books

Calculating and Proving Damages by Boushie, Spadea and Cunniff offers practical guidance on commercial damages. Take a look at this title and many more on Law Journal Press Online Books!
6/30 2016

Celebrate Social Media Day

Get connected to the many social medial resources available at Jenkins.
6/28 2016

Pa Sentencing & Pa Juvenile Delinquency Resource Guides Available Now!

Use our new resource guides to find Pennsylvania resources on sentencing and juvenile delinquency available at Jenkins.
6/23 2016

Jenkins' Research Tip: Using the Parallel Tables to the Restatements

Find where a superseded Restatement section was put in a newer series by using the parallel tables.
6/21 2016

Animal Law and PA Criminal Law Resource Guides Available Now!

Use our new resource guides to find animal law resources and Pennsylvania criminal law resources available at Jenkins.
6/20 2016

Common Pleas Court Publishes Regulation On Juvenile Lifers Sentenced Without the Possibility of Parole Program

On Monday June 20 Common Pleas Court Published Regulation No. 1 of 2016, Juvenile Lifers Sentenced Without the Possibility of Parole Program. A pdf of the regulation, along with a sample JLSWOP Conference Order, is available from the court's website.