Jenkins On Your Desktop: Restatements on HeinOnline


ALI's Restatements of the Law are available on HeinOnline. This collection contains the first, second, and third series of Restatement titles and includes prior drafts. Please note that some Restatements of the Law or their appendices are delayed due to Hein's license agreement with the American Law Institute.

To access this collection, use your last name and member number to log into Jenkins' website. From either the Member Center or the list of Member Databases, select HeinOnline. Once in Hein, from the Subscribed Libraries list on the left-hand side select American Law Institute Library. The Restatements of the Law are the second main listing under the Guide to the American Law Institute Microfiche Publications. Clicking on the plus sign next to Restatements of the Law will expand the table of contents to list all Restatements available.

Hein automatically defaults to a browse option with an alphabetical listing by Restatement title. This is useful if you have a specific Restatement citation you'd like to find.

To search this collection, click on the Search tab below the HeinOnline logo. The search box will appear on the left-hand side of the screen. This basic search will search all of the ALI Library, including the Restatements, the ALI Reporter, the Proceedings of ALI Annual Meetings, the Principles of the Law, and other ALI and ALI-ABA publications.

To search a specific Restatement, click on "Advanced Search" or "Field Search" and select the title you would like to search. The search results will include results found in the final publication as well as the draft publications. In most cases, sorting the results by "Volume Date (Descending)" will bring the final published Restatement to the top of the search results list.

For more search tips, including how to search phrases and use Boolean operators, see HeinOnline's Advanced Search Syntax Guidelines.

HeinOnline is a membership resource available to most Jenkins members.