Jenkins On Your Desktop: Pennsylvania Legislative Histories

Our Pennsylvania Legislative Histories database now has over 1200 legislative histories. Our legislative histories are compiled by Jenkins librarians and contain the remarks and debates found in the Legislative Journals of the House and Senate. Our collection of histories dates from 1836 to 2010.

To access the Pennsylvania Legislative Histories database, use your last name and member number to log into Jenkins' website. From either the Member Center or the list of Member Databases, select Pennsylvania Legislative Histories.

This database is searchable by the enacted date, the title/popular name of the act, the P.L. number, the Act number, the Joint Resolution number, the House or Senate Bill Number, or any combination thereof.

Jenkins Pennsylvania Legislative Histories do not contain Committee Reports or Committee Hearings. For tips on how to find these documents, see our previous blog post: Accessing Pennsylvania Committee Reports and Hearings.

Those interested in compiling their own legislative histories can use our Pennsylvania Legislative History Resource Guide for directions and examples.

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