Finding Philadelphia Business Licenses and Permits

Are you looking for license or permit information for a Philadelphia business? There are a few city websites available to help you locate the information you need. 

With eCLIPSE, you can search for Philadelphia building permits, business licenses, activity licenses, and trade licenses. To search eCLIPSE, on the homepage select, “Click here to search eCLIPSE”. On the next page, you can select the applicable license or permit search, then enter your search terms and filters in the appropriate boxes.  

The L&I Property History search is another source. You can search for permits, licenses, violations, and appeals by property address. To search, just enter a Philadelphia address. The results will appear organized by category. 

The history of permits, licenses, and inspections for an address can also be found from the Philadelphia Atlas map. Atlas is an interactive map that allows users to find an address and view a variety of associated records. Atlas offers multiple ways to search for a property. You can use the map provided to click on a specific property, or use the search box to search by address, intersection, property assessment account number, or Department of Records Map Registry number. 

If you have any questions about business licenses or permits, contact the Department of Licenses & Inspections.

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