20th Edition of the Philadelphia CCP Civil Practice Manual Available at Jenkins

Jenkins recently received the 20th edition of the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas Civil Practice Manual (2021). The manual, edited by Hon. Daniel J. Anders, Peter J. Hoffman, and Timothy R. Lawn, is updated every other year and published by the Pennsylvania Bar Institute (PBI) in cooperation with the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas.

The Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas Civil Practice Manual is “offered to assist every practitioner in better navigating the maze of procedures and practice before the Philadelphia civil courts” (Foreword, p. xi). The various sections are authored and/or edited by experienced judges, lawyers, and court administrators, each of whose biographies are included in the manual.

In addition to chapters on topics such as Civil Administration; Service of Process, Default Judgment, and Judgment of Non Pros; Discovery; Motion Practice; Class Actions; and Mechanics' Liens, the manual also provides a variety of forms and select general court regulations and administrative orders in its appendices.

Jenkins’ copies of the manual loan for 2 week periods. We also have older editions (which do not loan) in our Historic section.

If you're looking for similar practice manuals for Philadelphia or other PA counties, check out our research guide on Pennsylvania County Practice. Questions? Ask us!

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