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Need to find resources related to Federal jury instructions, voir dire, or jury verdicts? Our new research guide, Federal Jury Practice , will help. It points to the many resources available through Jenkins that cover topics involving Federal jury practice. Key titles highlighted in the guide...
Legal research can be challenging, especially when you don't know where to start. The librarians at Jenkins have created 66 research guides to help those who need guidance with their legal research. These guides highlight free online resources (when available), databases available 24/7 to...
Use our new resource guides to find Pennsylvania resources on sentencing and juvenile delinquency available at Jenkins.
Use our new resource guides to find animal law resources and Pennsylvania criminal law resources available at Jenkins.
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Use our new resource guide to find materials on estate planning and practice, drafting wills and trusts, and probate and administration in Orphans' Court.
Use our new resource guides to find jury trial resources and Pennsylvania real estate and landlord tenant resources available at Jenkins.
Find out more about the history of May Day and Law Day in the United States.
Use our new resource guide to see what dictionaries, thesauri, and more are available at Jenkins.
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